RFID system using at real applications

RFID from ISBC has a lot of implementation spheres, where we can make business and technological processes more effective!

When you have to identify something on distance up to 20 meters*, please pay attantion on RFID technology. RFID helps to reduce human factor, to avoid employee corruption, to improve information about the products on stock, or cargos in trip...

The most effective is to use RFID when:
  • you need to get long distance non contactless identification,
  • it is a lot of objects for accounting,
  • you have to update information on label (to make better traceability when is not possible to use internet connection),
  • to make brand protection, to make secure identification,
  • when barcode or QR-code is not possible to use.
We will try to name some of spheres and to make some description of them, which could be interesting for you at our point of view.
Please check the list bellow, maybe you can take something as a template for your application. If you find something that looks like your application, please say about this to sale manager of "ISBC RFID" while dialog him.

RFID for vehicle Vehicle identification:
  • systems of vehicle account
  • equipment for contactless access on territory
  • ready works solutions for cars
  • gates and barriers control
Weighting systems for trucks, trip control:
  • accurate control for trucks and tractors.
  • trip account, driver and truck monitoring
  • accurate information about weight of cargo
  • minimization of human influence, no more corruption of employee
RFID for weighting systems, truck monitoring
RFID in textilem, RFID for laundries
RFID for textile industrie and using in laundries (on Russian lang, English version is coming):
  • using in manufacture of textile
  • accurate and very fast account of everything in clue of clothes (towels, carpets ant etc)
  • RFID labels are adopted to survive in all using while washing conditions:
    • a lot of cycles of washing
    • vibration and shock
    • moisture and water influence
    • high level temperature influence
  • the organization of effective accounting of Inventories
  • control over the movement of products by warehouse
  • significant reduction in staff errors when completing orders
  • reduction of personnel and other costs for warehouse maintenance
  • organization of accounting of returnable products and returnable packaging
  • flexible possibilities of implantation of components in products.
RFID and warehouse, stock management
RFID libraries and archives
  • antitheft systems
  • RFID equipment for all book identification processes
  • inventory for books
  • find the book very fast
RFID for employees identification (on Russian lang, English version is coming):
  • contactless access control systems
  • RFID to know how many people on object when it needs
  • improve the security level of employees
RFID for employees identification
RFID for second-hand cars market RFID for second hand cars market (on Russian lang, English version is coming):
  • reduce the time to make inventory of cars
  • very accurate accounting
  • transparent chain of logistics
  • tracking systems for locomotives, passenger and freight cars
  • identification of specific components for the purpose of diagnosis and accounting of components
  • logistics
RFID and railway transport, cargo transportaition
RFID at manufacture / mines
  • tracking system for construction and specialized equipment
  • systems of inventory of components, repair and production equipment,
  • inventory process happens very fast and very accurate
  • minimization of Human influence
  • all goods in the right quantity, the nomenclature in their places
  • transparent supply chain management
RFID and material asset management
RFID and cargo monitoring Warehousing, monitoring of cargo containers movement
  • Accurate tracking based on RFID technology provides an effective management of cargo containers.
  • Greatly reduces the time and effort for their record and inventory check at places of acceptance and transfer.
Jewelry - account and control

Key features of RFID system:
  • fery fast speed of inventory;
  • an ability to make inventory a lot of times per day;
  • Inventory without opening the box with Jewelry;
  • automation of ducuments;
  • ability to make infinite scanning on shelves;
  • minimization of Human influence.
RFID for jewelry

If you did not find application which looks like yours, please be in contact with us, we will create new one. It could be that we are already solved it but did not made publication of its.
ISBC-RFID technical support is for free.

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