About RFID technology

Technologies of radio frequency identification come to our everyday life deeply and deeply. Today it is very hard to call some of economic sector, where RFID technology would not be demand. From the main spheres we can call the most progressive: logistics, vehicle identification, contactless access systems, vehicle identification on toll roads, material asset management, stock / warehouse management, supply chain management, retail, fashion industry.

In this chapter of our web-site we will try to tell common things about RFID technologies and to call the main difference between competitive technologies. We will try to name all main RFID components and will try to explain, how RFID technology as itself and RFID components can help to make optimization of technological in business processes. It can help you to choose RFID as a basic technology of identification in your everyday work activity.

“Smart logistics” on the basis of RFID technologiesRFID for logistics

Even you have traditional methods of identification, means barcode or QR-code, the process itself is too boring and sometimes Is very hard or impossible to use. The main problem is that scanning of Barcode or QR-code is needed to scan independently and to have it in direct view. The listed above features make process very slow with not enough accuracy. Human factor make influence to the quality of process and because of all listed you can have a lot of mistakes in accounting of goods or cargo.

System, which is based of RFID technology does not have such disadvantages, also RFID allows to scan a lot of labels at the same time without losing the quality of process with very good speed of its. RFID can scan label independently or it can scan a group of some labels up to 300 or more at one second. So, you can see that RFID can help to make business process of logistics more optimized. ISBC’s RFID tags in cooperation with RFID-readers allows to account goods separately or cargo with big volumes. Supply chain management become easier than ever, logistic process become stable.

RFID in retail, including fashion industryRFID for retail

Using the RFID technology for automation of the trading room of shop and customer service area can help you to save time while inventory, to save money for employee payment and pay only for real actions and increase profit – all goods in all sizes, colors and styles are on shelves. While inventory you can scan hundreds of goods per second – new process will take only 20 minutes for trading zone and not the day long as it was before. RFID is not only simple change from barcode it is next step to future to make the most optimized business process. Also RFID tag reduce fake / counterfeit to minimum or to keep it away from your Brand. RFID for retail – is fast and accurate accounting, not human influence, antitheft security. One of additional spheres in retail it loyalty card using. Another application – is to use RFID for employee monitoring contactless.

Note. All RFID devices could be easily integrated to already existing IT-system for supply chain management or accounting software. For example, the well known accountary and material asset management software in Russia called "1C", we supported it and now our driver is included to the core of this system - we are proud of this! Also SAP. If you have some special request about any kind of such software - you are wellcome, we will make it for you or we will help you to support our RFID devices in your IT-system.

RFID for toll roads

RFID for toll roads

Hundreds of thousands of drivers pass through the payment points every day. Today is not rarely when people travels without any money. So, abroad and then in Russia toll roads become more popular. Usually it has electronic toll collection. In a lot of countries of America and Europe systems of electronic toll collection use RFID technology. ISBC with partners – chip manufacturer NXP and RFID-reader manufacturer FEIG Electronic offer RFID technology with cryptography on board. We use AES128 crypto algorithm to make secured transactions – scanning of chip called UCODE DNA without crypto key AES128 is impossible. FEIG Electronic implemented SAM module from NXP and made RFID reader the most secured. New age started and today is possible to get toll for road NON STOP on high speed above 200 km per hour. Also RFID technology in competition with video cameras is not influenced by weather: rain, for, moisture or sun light or darkness are not problem for RFID.

RFID for contactless access control for any kind of vehicleRFID for vehicle identification

RFID technology is by ISBC is adopted to create contactless vehicle access system to any kind of territory, including private object or governmental object. With RFID using it is no need to open the door and to go out from car to tap the card – now scanning is being happening on long distance – up to 20 meters. We have a lot of actual spheres when RFID for cars would improve a lot. For example, RFID is very comfortable to use it at city yards, and it helps to improve security. Also we can use RFID to make contactless access to cottage village or hospital and a lot of others objects. Very high level of technology security avoids cloning of RFID tags and grabbing internal electronic code, so RFID is very good to use it at manufactures or near governmental objects where high level of security is must be!

Also RFID for vehicle is popular for weighting systems to make truck monitoring.

By RFID using you can easily make parking of any size. For easy start we prepared a lot of ready works solutions with different prices: from the beginning of very cheap up to VIP systems. RFID system has a lot of advantages and no disadvantages in cooperation with traditional technologies based on GSM gates or standard keyfobs for barriers of gates.

Automation of technological processes on manufactories

Last years the usage of RFID technologies is very popular on manufactories. RFID provides a lot of advantages on all life circle of some kind of good for any kind of manufacture. The leading sphere is car manufacture. RFID helps to make optimization on conveyor belt and in supply chain management processes.

Also RFID helps to get reports of real states of different stages of production. The role of RFID is also to safe life of employee – we ca make very fast an accurate people monitoring system. RFID could be implemented to helmet or clothes.

All ISBC equipment could be easily integrated to any kind of IT system including SAP . SAP RFID

RFID в управлении цепочками поставокRFID and supply chain management

Supply chain management exists in a lot of activities of company, good tuning of its – is guarantee of “company good health”. RFID in supply chain management processes makes it optimized. It is worth to understand that RFID tags and readers – is not only change for barcode or QR-code – first of all it is “smart tags”, which could be a guarantee of 100% components existing in technological process. All components for production will be on places in normal quantity to keep non stop work of manufacture.

Some history about RFID technolory...

История развития технологии радиочастотной идентификации ведет свой отсчет с 40-х годов XX века. Исследования в области RFID зародились в СССР, Европе и США. К концу 40-х годов были разработаны системы распознавания "свой-чужой", работающие фактически по тому же принципу, что и современные RFID-метки.

Любая современная система на основе RFID-технологии имеет три основных компонента:
  • RFID-устройство чтения/записи. Выполняет роль контроллера, формирует электрические сигналы и передает их на RFID-антенну. Такое устройство может работать автономно или под управлением компьютера.
  • RFID-антенна. Формирует электромагнитные волны, излучает сигнал и улавливает сигналы от RFID-меток.
  • RFID-метки. Попадая по действие поля антенны, метка передает ответный сигнал.
RFID scheme of Reader works

Some information about RFID tags…

RFID tag – is an electronic device which contains two main elements – antenna and microchip. Antenna is used to get an energy from RFID fields. Antenna makes RFID field as an electronic signal and translate it to microchip and also is being used to make send signal back. Back signal is being prepared in microchip and is based on information stored in chip internal memory. RFID tag can store different data, depends of type of chip. Memory could be rewritten or could be locked forever.

RFID tags have to be suited by a lot of international standards of Radio frequency identification. Try to make list of different standards: ISO 11784/85, ISO 15693, ISO 14443, ISO 18000-6C/B, ISO 18000-3. One of listed standards is suitable for different kind of RFID tags for different sectors of usage:
  • Frequency of work: 125 kHz, 134.2 kHz (LF), 13.56 MHz (HF), 860-960 MHz (UHF).
  • Speed of data transfer.
  • Type of coding / modulation.
  • Types of memory: rewriteable or one time written and etcAlgorithms of data security.
  • Algorithms of data security.
RFID tags could be active or passive. The main difference of passive tag – it don’t have any kind of battery inside. Passive tags, depending of standard, have different reading distance, started from millimeters up to a lot of meters. Active tags have more long distance, but more sizes and battery inside –so, electronics is more complicated and it needs some technical maintenance and the cost is more.

Spheres / Applications of passive RFID could be different. Depending by the task you can choose any type of form-factor with different reading distance. It could have very good value of water resistance or it could be very robust in rubber or plastic case. It could have printing or it could be blanked. You can screw some of them, another could be glued.

Comparative table of technologies of barcoding and RFID identification

Характеристика Технология
Штрих-код (QR-код)
Общее описание Являются физическими носителями информации, которые упрощают учет, исключают ошибки и экономят время во время инвентаризации
Скорость многократного считывания информации (возможно с нескольких меток, последовательно или одновременно) Медленно Быстро
Идентификация движущихся объектов Очень сложно Достаточно просто, для некоторых меток и считывателей до 20 раз на скорости около 100 км/ч
Одновременная идентификация нескольких объектов Невозможно Возможно для технологий HF и UHF
Необходимость прямой видимости метки
Есть Нет
Расположение метки Любое в параллельной плоскости считывателя Любое - 3D считывание
Возможность обеспечения безопасности Отсутствует, легко подделывается Многие метки имеют хотя бы элементарную степень защиты, наибольшая защита у HF меток стандарта ISO14443
Возможность перезаписи информации / многократность использования метки Невозможно, выступает только как средство хранения данных Возможно, метка может быть перепрограммирована
Возможность хранения скрытых данных Отсутствует Есть
Объем хранения данных Маленький Большой
Сравнительная стоимость Низкая
Относительно высокая
Наличе уникального идентификатора самой метки Нет Да
Возможности по дистанции считывания метки Низкие - от минимально дистанции "в плотную" до нескольких сантиметров Высокие - от минимального расстояния "в плотную" до десятков метров, для Active RFID сотни метров*
Срок жизни метки и условия эксплуатации сильно зависит от многих факторов, срок жизни не нормируется Как правило ~10 лет и более

* The maximum reading distance depends of RFID antenna, coaxial cable, type of RFI tag, environmental conditions. The distance could be tuned by software, the distance could be far of it could be limited by software and hardware. Zone of reading could be limited by foil or any kind of metal environment.

About RFID readers

RFID reader is electronic device which allows us to work with RFID labels. The most part or readers also can be corers for RFID-tag. RFID readers are different for different applications. They could have different robust or could be just modules. We have next RFID reader categories:

  • Form factor and usage: desktop, handheld / mobile, stationary, embeddable, modular.
  • For applications.
  • Having internal antenna.
  • Having internal controller/microcomputer on board.
  • Distance to read tags.
  • For reading tags by different standards: ISO 14443, ISO 15693, ISO 18000-3x, ISO 18000-6x (EPC Class1 Gen2);
  • Having different interfaces, like: RS232, RS485, Ethernet, USB, USB-Host, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Data-clock, Wiegand, Magnet card;
  • Having analog interfaces: relay, IOs; Sometimes it is very usefull to connect some kind of external sensor ot to control something by internal relay commitation.
  • Ability to work by host control or without.
  • And a lot of others.
Please be in contact with ISBC RFID department – we will help you to make choice.
Dear customer, if you have some applications and you think that RFID is good to solve some of your tasks, please be in contact with ISBC, we will help you to integrate RFID to your business or technological processes!

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